Herriman Registration Information 2023-24

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We are happy to announce that the 2023-24 season at Lifehouse Performing Arts Academy is almost here!  Classes will begin on Monday, August 21, 2023 and end on June 7, 2024. 

Registration opens online at lifehouseacademy.com on August 1.


Classes at the studio are divided into open and company classes. Open classes are open enrollment.  Anyone may register who meets the age and skill level requirements. The open classes we offer are preschool, kindergarten, combo ballet and tap for ages 6-8, ballet, jazz, hip hop, and musical theater.

Visit Open Classes for more details.


Company classes are for students ages 6-18 who have the desire, ability, and resources to pursue dance at a more accelerated level. Company students also participate in more performances during the dance year. 

Visit Company Classes for more Information.

Dance Company Auditions

Company placement auditions for dance will take place on Friday, July 21.  Please contact the studio if you are interested in a company class for placement options after the auditions.

Herriman Dance Company Audition Letter and Form

Company schedules for the fall 2023/24 season will be emailed by July 25.


Click here to Register.

Or here for Step by Step Instructions. 

I cannot find the right class for my child OR the class I need is full… 

Please call the studio if you can’t find a class meeting your student’s age and skill level. Also, if a class you need is full, still enroll in the class.  You will be put on a waitlist.  New classes may be created if there are enough students on the waitlist. 

How do I fix an enrollment mistake?

If you accidentally enroll your student in the wrong class or wish to change to a different class, you cannot adjust it on your own.  It needs to be done by the studio.  Email the studio the changes at lifehouseherrimandirector@gmail.com and we will fix it and notify you.

What do I wear to class?

All preschool, kindergarten, and combo students will wear a class uniform that is a specific leotard and tights. These items will be given out on the first day of class. Cost for purchase will be $25 and will be due on August 21. Preschool students dance in bare feet. Kindergarten and Combo students will need pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes. Hair pulled away from the face.

Open ballet and Company ballet students should wear pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and solid colored leotards. Hair in a bun.

Open jazz and Company jazz students can wear form-fitting athletic pants or shorts that give adequate coverage with a leotard or form-fitting top. No athletic bras for tops. Hair pulled away from face.

Tap students should wear the same attire as jazz students. Black tap shoes required.

Hip-Hop students should wear the same attire as jazz students. Clean sneaker style shoes required.

Musical Theater students should wear comfortable clothing that they can move in. Students will be asked to remove shoes as they enter the studio room.

*The studio has a store in the office where leotards, tights, dance shoes, and other dance items can be purchased.


Below are the shows we have scheduled for the upcoming year.  We are working to solidifying dates for performances, but should have them solidified by the time the dance season begins.  I am exploring several venues trying to find the best option as far as location, cost and professionalism of the facility.  Please reserve the dates on your calendars immediately. 

Lifehouse Musical Theater Production ‘Be The Hero of Your Story’

o  January 27, Mid-Valley Theater

o  For Musical Theater Students

Lifehouse Spectacular Production ‘Peter Pan’

o  January 31 and February 1 (Tech and dress rehearsals January 29 and 30) at Mid-Valley Theater

o  For Preschool, Kindergarten, Combo, Hip-Hop, and Company dance students.

Lifehouse Fireside ‘See More Clearly’

o  February 14-15, Covey Center for the Arts (February 12-13  tech/dress rehearsals)

o   For Company Students

Lifehouse Children’s Production ‘Alice in Wonderland’ 

Pre Show done by Musical Theater Students

o    June 5,  (Tech/Dress rehearsals on June 4 & 5), Mid-Valley Theater

o  For Preschool, Kindergarten, Combo, Open Ballet, Open Jazz, Hip-Hop and Musical Theater students.

Lifehouse Company Showcase

o   June 7, Mid-Valley Theater  (Tech/dress rehearsals on June 6 &  7)

o   Company Students 

Parent Meetings

There will be parent orientation meetings offered for all students at Lifehouse. Parent meetings are highly recommended for new students and optional for existing students. The parent meeting will go over studio policies for the year, getting parents oriented on how to make payments and how the studio communicates information, the curriculum and plans for your child’s class, how to support your child in their arts education, and details about performances. I look forward to connecting with our students’ families and creating an open dialogue to work as a team for their success and growth. Meetings will be held at the end of September. Dates will be sent out after fall classes begin.


Please check your class calendars for studio closures. Class calendars will be emailed out prior to classes starting.

DANCE FEES 2023-24

Registration: A yearly $20 registration fee is required to enroll each student. There is a $50 maximum registration fee per family. (For students enrolled in summer, you have already been charged the registration fee.) Registration fee is non-refundable. 

Recitals: There will be a $30 recital fee per family per performance.  Each ticket will cost $8 plus a small handling fee by the ticket venue. Recital fees are due by February 1, 2024. You will be sent an email as a reminder in January.  

Costumes: Students will have between 2-5 costumes depending on their level and number of performances. The purchase price of costumes is between $50-$100.  Whenever possible, we will rent costumes to keep costs down for parents. Costume rental fees are $35-$40. A non-refundable $35-$100 (see class descriptions on website for exact amount) costume deposit will be required. Open class and musical theater costume deposits are $70 and due upon enrollment.  Company costume deposit is due on October 1. The deposit will be credited toward costume fees for the year. Final costume payments are due April 1 for any remaining amount due.  .


Tuition is based on a monthly fee and not a per class basis. Payment is the same no matter how many times your child attends class.  The monthly tuition fee guarantees a minimum of 36 weeks of instruction for the dance year. If class has to be canceled due to bad weather or teacher illness, you will be notified and a makeup class scheduled. We ask that you only sign up for dance if you are committed to finish through the June recital. 

Price of monthly tuition based on hours at the studio per week:

  •       50 minutes $42
  •       1 hour $52
  •       1 ¼ hours $58
  •       1 ½ hours $65
  •       2 hours $85
  •       2 ½ hours $100
  •       3 hours $130
  •       4 hours $160
  •       5 hours $180
  •       6 hours $200
  •       7 hours $215
  •       8 hours $230
  •       9 hours $245
  •       10 hours $260
  •       11 hours $270
  •       12 hours $280
  •       13 hours $290
  •       14 hours $300
  •       15 hours $310
  •       16 hours $320
  •       17 hours $330

    Family Discount: First student pays full tuition.  Additional siblings receive a 5% discount.

    Male Dancers: We love having male artists at the studio! Lifehouse offers special discounts to male students. Male students can take unlimited classes for $85 a month.

    Musical Theater Tuition: Musical Theater tuition is included in the hourly tuition rate for up to a total of 7.45 hours of instruction per week.  For students with a total weekly hour amount of 8 hours or above, Musical Theater will be billed at a $30 monthly tuition fee and dance hours will be billed at the hourly tuition rate above.  


      • All outstanding balances must be paid in full prior to registration.
      • A valid debit card, credit card or eCheck information must be on file for your account. This information is securely stored in an encrypted database within The Studio Director and will only be used to process payments for your account.  If eCheck payment is declined, then a debit/credit card will be required.  
      • All accounts must be paid in full by the end of each month. No exceptions.
      • Tuition is due by the first of each month and can be paid by cash, check, eCheck, debit  or credit card. Exception-August ½ tuition will be due on August 21.  

      o   Card payments will be billed a 3.5% card service fee per transaction amount.  

      o   There is a 10-day grace period for tuition payments. If tuition is not paid by the tenth, the debit/credit card or eCheck information we have on file will be charged and a confirmation email will be sent to you.  June tuition is an exception to the ten day grace period.  All June tuition needs to be paid on June 1.  

      o   If we are unable to process your debit/credit card or eCheck by the tenth of each month because it has either become invalid or has insufficient funds, a $15 late fee will be assessed and you will be required to submit payment and provide a valid debit/credit card or eCheck information for your account by the last day of the month.  Exception-June tuition will be processed on June 2. 

      o   A $25 returned check fee will be billed to an account for a returned check/ eCheck payment due to insufficient funds. 

      •  If you are unable to pay your account in full by the end of the month, an email will be sent to you informing you of the situation. Your student will be automatically unenrolled from Lifehouse until such time as the account balance has been paid and a valid debit or credit card is provided for your account. Un-enrolled students will be required to re-enroll and pay a registration fee to participate at Lifehouse.


    You must give written notification of withdrawal. Remember, costume and registration fees are non-refundable. For open classes, you will be responsible for tuition 30 days after the studio receives your written notification of withdrawal.  Your student may attend class during this time.  For company students, you will be responsible for two months of tuition after the studio receives your written notification and your student stops attending class. 


    If during the year you ever have concerns about your child’s dance training or if your child is having a difficult time, please come talk to us and we will find an appropriate solution together.  I have always found that it is better to deal with issues directly and one-on-one. You may leave a message at the studio at (385)-230-2199 or email our Herriman studio director at lifehouseherrimandirector@gmail.com.  A response will be given within 48 hours.  

    If you have an account question, please email lifehouseacademyinfo@gmail.com.    

    We’re looking forward to a wonderful and productive year!