Training Philosophy


In addition to the eight values of Lifehouse, students are taught the discipline of dance. How to work to your potential and the reward that comes from giving your best effort.

One of the most important aspects of a dancer’s training is helping them to learn how to take class and what is required to be successful as an artist physically, mentally and emotionally.

We teach our students five principles of being a successful dancer:

  • Come to class
  • Put in the work
  • Mentally engage
  • Apply corrections
  • Focus on yourself
Training Philosophies Lifehouse Performing Arts Studio

Progressive Syllabus

We want our students to understand that the goal isn’t just to mimic movement, but to master the elements that build a strong dancer. We teach our dancers to work correctly. This is what makes dance beautiful—when you see someone who has fine-tuned their instrument, moving with proper alignment, form and technique.

The core of our curriculum is to never teach something to the students that will need to be untaught later on down the road. At Lifehouse we teach using a progressive syllabus.  We ensure that from the very beginning our dancers are learning to move correctly.

In the long run, this methodical, building block approach to training builds a stronger artist.

Why Doesn’t Lifehouse Compete?

The focus at Lifehouse is to reach our individual potential, without comparing our abilities to another person’s abilities. This would be near impossible for us to practice, if we attended competitions where they intentionally compare and rank dancers.

When we share our talents in significant and meaningful ways, we have the opportunity to inspire and uplift the world. This is a deeper motivation for students than doing their best so they can be measured against someone else.

My hope is that Lifehouse will always be an encouraging place, where we celebrate each other’s progress and unique talents. I want our students to be able to whole-heartedly say each day that they dance, “I will focus on my potential and not worry how I compare to others.”

In lieu of competition, our dancers have the opportunity to participate in multiple meaningful and professional shows throughout the year.