The Covey Center Performance Instructions

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How do I purchase tickets? 

Tickets are purchased through the Covey Center either online at, by phone 801-852-7007 or in person.  There is a $1 processing fee to purchase tickets.  Everyone ages 3 and older needs a ticket.  Shows do have reserved seating.

When should I arrive at the Covey?

Students should arrive dressed and ready to all tech and dress rehearsals at the Covey. Specified time includes call time and stage time. It is crucial to arrive on time. We need every second of stage time to set lights and for spacing.

There is also a call time listed for the performances.  Call time is when the performers should check-in with Lifehouse staff at the Covey. We ask that all students come to the theater with their hair and makeup performance ready.  We use the green room as a dressing room and holding area for performers only.  There isn’t enough space to accommodate parents getting their child ready.

Adequate time for mental and physical preparation is key to a dancer’s success on stage.  Running into the theater last minute is stressful for everyone involved.

Where do I enter at the Covey?

Dancers:There is a performer’s entrance at the Covey Center.  It is located on the south side of the building.  There is a loading ramp with a large garage looking door for loading props.  To the right of the garage door, there is an entrance marked “performers entrance”.  This entrance leads to the backstage area. There will be a Lifehouse team member, just inside this door, to check the students in. 

Parentsshould return to the check-in/checkout table just inside the performance entrance for pickup at tech and dress rehearsals.           

Private rehearsals at the Covey

All rehearsals are closed to audience members.  Only performers, teachers and technical staff are allowed backstage.

Are parents allowed backstage at the Covey?

Parents will not be allowed in the backstage, tent area of the Covey during performances or rehearsals.  It creates too much congestion.  We will always have a staff member at the desk.  Parents may drop off food with the child’s name written on the bag and it will be delivered to them.  Students can also be brought to the front to see their parents. Thank you for helping us keep your child safe, and for helping us to run a smooth performance.