Salem Registration Letter 2020-21

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Dear Parents and Students,

We are happy to announce the 2020-2021 season at Lifehouse Performing Arts Academy is almost here!  Classes will begin on Monday August 17, 2020 and end after the June Performance.

Registration opens on August 1.

Please note: On August 17 half tuition for the month of August is due.

On May 1 half tuition for June is due in addition to May tuition.


As we approach fall classes, we will make necessary adjustments to stay in regulation with the state guidelines. This may include taking temperatures. hand sanitizer, social distancing as much as possible in class, increased ventilation and students entering and exiting separate doors to avoid having multiple students in lobby.  I feel confident in our ability to respond to any situations that arise successfully.


Classes at the studio are divided into open and company classes. Open classes are open enrollment.  Anyone may register who meets the age and skill level requirements. The open classes offered are preschool, kindergarten, combo (tap& ballet), ballet, jazz, hip hop, and musical theater. Please visit www.lifehouseacademy.comfor more detail.   The open class schedule is included at the end of this registration letter. 


Company classes are for student’s ages 6-18 who have the desire, ability, and resources to pursue dance at a more accelerated level. Company students also participate in more performances during the dance year.  Placement by studio director is required to enroll.

Audition Change for all Lifehouse Companies

After much thought and consideration, I have decided to cancel the in person Company and Musical Theater audition placements on July 17. It was a very difficult decision. It is helpful to watch students individually and collectively during the auditions to make their placements but with COVID cases rising I had to weigh the benefit with the COVID safety guidelines we could reasonably implement. Cancelling the placement audition under other circumstances would not be our first choice.  We hope everyone will understand the need to adjust this year. Please know every placement will be thoughtfully reviewed. Our goal is to always place each student in the company that will best help them to learn and be challenged. Auditioning is an important part of the arts and a valuable experience. We look forward to holding auditions again next season!

The following procedures will be done in place of the usual company and musical theater placement auditions.

Dance Company Auditions

For returning dance students from the 2019/20 year

  • Fill out the Company Audition placement form that was emailed to you and return it to the studio office or email it to the studio at by July 17, 2020.  The form needs to have both the student and parent signatures.
  • No audition is required.  Placement will happen by teacher/director observations from the 2019/20 year and summer dance.

For aspiring company dancers new to Lifehouse…

  • Email the studio at and indicate your student is new to Lifehouse.  If your student is not in summer dance, we will contact you and arrange a summer placement class or set up a video or personal audition. 

Company schedules will be emailed by August 1. 

For more information on company classes, go to the website and select Company Classes under the Our Classes drop down menu. 


*Students 8 years and younger do not need to audition or send in a placement form.  They will register for the age appropriate class when registration opens on August 1.

For returning musical theatre students from the 2019/20 year…

  • Fill out the Musical Theatre audition placement form that was emailed to you and return it to the studio office or email it to the studio at by July 17, 2020.  The form needs to have both the student and parent signatures.
  • No audition is required.  Placement will happen by teacher observations from the 2019/20 year.

For students new to musical theatre or who did not take musical theatre in 2019/20 year…

Audition is required.  Each student will need to submit an audition video that includes a 30-60 second musical selection and a monologue.  Email the studio at to receive an application and copies of possible monologues.


To register for classes go to and follow the instructions below.

If you already have an account set up, in the upper right-hand corner click on “Log in-Salem.”  Enter your email address and your password. If you have forgotten your password, please contact the studio at and a new password can be set. Once you are logged in click on “Edit account information” and update your information. Please make sure you have the correct name, address, phone number, and email address, etc. on your account. Enter or update payment information under the “edit payment info on file” tab.

If you do not have an account with us yet, on the website click on “Registration info.”  Follow the prompts and enter information.  Enter your student’s name and information. Enter payment information.


  • When all information is entered or updated, click on the home page and go to “enroll in a class.”
  • Specify which student you are enrolling. Students registering for company classes should choose the tab of “Salem Company 2020/21.”  You will need to enroll your student in each of the classes for that company.
  • If your student is enrolling in an open class such as preschool, kindergarten, combo, open ballet, open jazz, hip hop, musical theater, etc. go to the “Salem open classes 2020/21” tab. Click on the class you wish to enroll your student in.
  • You must completely check out and pay the registration/ costume fees to finish your enrollment or your enrollment will be dropped.
  • Please note that classes without adequate enrollment may be subject to changes or cancellation.

I cannot find the right class for my child OR the class I need is full…

Please call the studio if you can’t find a class meeting your age and skill level. Also, if a class you do need is full, still enroll in the class.  You will be put on a waitlist.  New classes may be created if there are enough students on the waitlist.

How do I fix an enrollment mistake?

If you accidentally enroll your student in the wrong class or wish to change to a different class, you cannot adjust it on your own.  It needs to be done by the studio.  Email the studio the changes at and we will fix it and notify you. You may also call the studio at 801-423-7899.


Below are the shows we have scheduled for the upcoming year.  Please reserve the dates on your calendars immediately.

  • Lifehouse Spectacular “As Long As There’s Christmas”
    • December 16-19, American Leadership Academy
    • Musical theatre, hip-hop, preschool, kindergarten, and combo students.
    • Optional Participation: open ballet, open jazz & company students 9 and older
  • Lifehouse Fireside “Soulful Creation”
    • January 7-9, Covey Center for the Arts
    • For company students
  • Lifehouse Ballet Production “A Tale from the Celtic Mists”
    • March 29-April 1, Covey Center for the Arts
    • For company students
  • Lifehouse Children’s Production “Discovery at the Circus” –The way it was meant to be done!!—Children will not do the same dance they performed this last June in our mini recitals.
    • June 5, American Leadership Academy
    • For preschool, kindergarten, combo, open ballet, open jazz and hip-hop students.
  • Lifehouse Musical Theater Production
    • June 7 & 8, American Leadership Academy
    • Musical theatre students
  • Lifehouse Company Showcase
    • June 9-12, American Leadership Academy
    • For company students


The studio will be closed on the following days:

  • September 7 Labor Day
  • October 15-16 Fall Break
  • November 25-27 Thanksgiving Break
  • December 21-January 3 Christmas Break
  • February 15 President’s Day
  • April 5-9 Spring Break
  • May 31 Memorial Day

DANCE FEES 2020-21

When it comes to pricing, I always strive to offer the best value in Utah County.  I want high quality training in the arts to be accessible to as many children as possible. 

Registration: A yearly $20 registration fee is required to enroll each student. There is a $50 maximum registration fee per family. (For students enrolled in summer, you have already been charged the registration fee.) Registration fee is non-refundable.

Recitals:  There will be a $25 recital fee per family per performance with each ticket costing $6.00 plus processing fee where applicable.  Recital fees are due by February 1, 2021.  You will be sent an email reminder in January.  All recital fees are non-refundable after billed to account on February 1, 2021.   

Costumes: Students will have between 2-7 costumes depending on their level and number of performances. The purchase price of costumes is between $50-$80.  Whenever possible, we will rent costumes to keep cost down for parents. Costume rental fees are $30-$40. A non-refundable $30-$100 (see class descriptions on website for exact amount) costume deposit will be required at the time of registration for open class students and on October 1 for company students. This deposit will be credited toward costume payments. Final costume payments are due April 1. 


Tuition is based on a monthly fee and not a per class basis.  Payment is the same no matter how many times your child attends class.  In the rare instance class has to be canceled due to bad weather or teacher illness, you will be notified and a makeup class scheduled.  I ask that you only sign up for dance if you are committed to finish through the June recital.

Price of monthly tuition based on hours at the studio per week:

  • 50 minutes $40
  • 1 hour $50
  • 1 ¼ hours $55
  • 1 ½ hours $60
  • 2 hours $80
  • 2 ½ hours $95
  • 3 hours $110
  • 4 hours $135
  • 5 hours $155
  • 6 hours $170
  • 7 hours $185
  • 8 hours $195
  • 9 hours $205
  • 10 hours $215
  • 11 hours $225
  • 12 hours $235
  • 13 hours $245
  • Unlimited $255

For families with multiple students: The first child receives a 5% discount on tuition. All additional family members receive a 10% discount. The 10% tuition discount will be applied to the lowest tuition amounts. The program automatically applies the discount.

Male Dancers: We love having male artists at the studio! Lifehouse offers special discounts to male students. Male students can take unlimited classes for $65 a month.

Those who are participating in a trade for dance will also be required to abide by the terms of Lifehouse’s payment policy and keep a valid debit or credit card on file. A positive account balance for trade services offered can be used to pay for dance. If at any time your account balance becomes negative, you will be required to pay your balance in full by the end of each month.


  • All outstanding balances must be paid in full prior to registration.
  • A valid debit or credit card must be on file for your account. This information is securely stored in an encrypted database within Studio Director and will only be used to process payments for your account.
  • All accounts must be paid in full by the end of each month. No exceptions.
  • Tuition is due by the first of each month and can be paid by cash, check, auto-pay with your debit/credit card, or self-initiated debit/credit card payment.
  • If we are unable to process your debit or credit card because it has either become invalid or has insufficient funds, a $15 late fee will be assessed and you will be required to submit payment and provide a valid debit or credit card for your account by the last day of the month.
  • There is a 10-day grace period for tuition payments. If tuition is not paid by the tenth, the debit or credit card we have on file will be charged and a confirmation email will be sent to you.
  • If you are unable to pay your account in full by the end of the month, an email will be sent to you informing you of the situation. Your student will be automatically un-enrolled from Lifehouse until such time as the account balance has been paid and a valid debit or credit card is provided for your account. Un-enrolled students will be required to re-enroll and pay a registration fee to participate at Lifehouse.


You must give written notification of withdrawal. Remember, costume and registration fees are non-refundable. For open classes, you will be responsible for tuition 30 days after the studio receives your written notification of withdrawal.  Your student may attend dance during this time.  For company students, you will be responsible for two months of tuition after the studio receives your written notification and your student stops attending class.


If during the year you ever have concerns about your child’s dance training or if your child is having a difficult time, please come talk to me and we will find an appropriate solution together.  I have always found that it is better to deal with issues directly and one-on-one. You may leave me a message at the studio (801)-423-7899 or email me at, and I will respond within 48 hours. 

If you have a bookkeeping or account question, call the studio number at (801)-423-7899 or email  

I’m looking forward to a wonderful and productive year.

Warmest Regards,

Nesha Woodhouse


Lifehouse Performing Arts Academy