Summer Class Information 2024


                                                   Summer Information Letter


Dear Lifehouse Families,

We are excited for the plans we have at Lifehouse this summer! We hope you will join us. Included in this letter is the schedule for weekly summer classes, company audition information for the 2024-25 season, information about summer intensive and camps, and choreography week.

Class recommendations for next season

If your child is currently in an open class, you will receive an email in April with a recommendation for class placement for the 24-25  season.  Feel free to contact the studio if you wish to discuss the best options for your student.  Ms. Nesha is happy to talk through options with you.

Schedule of Weekly Open and Company Summer classes

Summer classes will begin on June 17 and conclude on July 26. Classes will not be held on July 4. Makeup classes for that day will be on June 28.  Classes will be held on July 24. Summer classes are open to everyone.

● Tuition is determined by the number of hours of instruction per week and is equivalent to regular tuition during the year.

● There are six weeks of summer classes.  Summer tuition will be due on July 1.

● You may also pay by the week if you will be gone a significant number of days during the weeks of summer when classes are offered.  YOU MUST SEND AN EMAIL

● A $20.00 non-refundable annual registration fee is due upon enrollment for summer. The registration fee is $20 per student or $50 maximum per family.  This reserves your spot for summer classes and/or summer intensive and guarantees you a spot for the fall.  You must pay it online when you register or your registration will be dropped.

Enroll in classes on your account.  Registration will open on May 1.


Tuition Amount for Summer

Tuition for summer is based on the number of hours students take class each week.  The tuition amount listed below is for the entire six-week summer session. Weekly rates are slightly higher than a true prorated rate and are listed on the class schedule links.

● 1 hour    $78                 
● 1 ¼ hours $87                     
● 1 ½ hours $97.50         
● 1 ¾ hours $112.50             
● 2 hours $127.50        
● 2 ½ hours $150
● 3 hours $195

● 4 hours $240
● 5 hours $270
● 6 hours $300
● 7 hours $322.50
● 8 hours $345
● 9 hours $367.50
● 10 hours $390
● 11 hours $405
● 12 hours $420
● 13 hours $435
● 14 hours $450
● 15 hours $465
● 16 hours $480
● 17 hours $495
● 18 hours $510


Weekly Open Classes offered Summer 2024

Preschool, Kindergarten, 6-8 year old combo, Company Prep, and Hip Hop


Lifehouse will offer preschool, kindergarten, 6-year-old, 7-8-year-old, 9-11-year-old, and company prep classes this summer.  The company prep class is for students who were not on company during the 2023-24 season.  Students should register for the class that corresponds to their grade level for the
2024-25 school year.  For example, students entering the first grade should enroll in the six-year-old combo class.

Click on the link below for schedule.

Preschool, Kindergarten, Combo, Company Prep, and Hip Hop

Weekly Company Summer Schedule

Students interested in participating in a company for the 2024-25 season need to register for summer classes.  Students 4th grade and older who are new to Lifehouse should contact the studio for recommended placement.  We are looking forward to having six weeks of summer classes!

● The summer class schedule will be based on company placement from the 2023-24 year. 

● Summer classes will serve as the audition process for next year’s company placement.  This will allow us to watch students for an extended period and better place them in the right class for their growth the following year.  It will also allow us to better place new company members in the right class and help us to keep skills sharp and stay in prime condition year-round.

● Some Company classes have required classes and optional summer offerings for those who want to intensify their training.  Optional classes are indicated by **.

● You will need to register individually for each class listed on the schedule.

Pointe dancers must dance year-round

Because of the safety issues and intense physical conditioning needed for pointe work, students who are on pointe must dance year-round and take summer classes.  If a student does not take summer classes, they will be pulled off pointe and must dance for a month on flat and be retested to be put back on pointe. 

Click on the applicable link below to view Company class schedules. 

Aqua/Blue/Indigo Companies

Lavender/Purple Companies

Navy/Yellow Companies

Maroon/Turquoise Companies

Silver Company

Teal Company

Ruby Company

Gold Company

Summer Acro Class Schedule

The studio is excited to be able to offer dance acro classes this summer.  Click the link below for skill levels and acro class schedules.

Summer Dance Acro 2024

Summer Intensive and Camps

Lifehouse will be offering several camps and our summer intensive in addition to the weekly summer classes.  Below are links with detailed information.

Salem Summer Intensive 2024  For students ages 6-18  

Cinderella Princess Camp 2024  For students ages 3-6

Salem Musical Theater Camps 2024  For students ages 6-18  

Auditions for Lifehouse 2024-25 Companies

An audition for Dance Companies will be held Friday, July 19, between the hours of 9 am-5 pm. It is a good experience for students to learn the art of auditioning as it is a part of the dance world.  Students will showcase what they have been working on all summer.  Afterthe audition, class placement for the next season will be determined.  Always our goal is to place dancers where they can grow and progress to their potential.

Choreography Week

Fall classes will start August 19.  August 12-16 will be choreography week for company students ages 9and older.  Companies will learn their class dances for the fireside.  This will be a great opportunity for us to get choreography done so we are not taking time away from classwork during the year and allow
the students to be given more challenging material that they can work to master.  It is easier for choreographers to set pieces in big chunks of time rather than piecing it together one hour a week.  The cost for the week will be between $60-$150 depending on the number of dances the company learns.

If you have any questions regarding class placement or want some feedback as to your child’s readiness for a company class structure, feel free to contact me.  

Best Regards,

Nesha Woodhouse

Lifehouse Performing Arts Academy


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Salem, UT 84653

(801) 423-7899