The American Leadership Academy Performance Instructions

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American Leadership Academy

898 West 1100 South in Spanish Fork. 

The theater is located in the Junior High Building.

How do I purchase tickets?

Tickets for performances at ALA are sold through an online ticketing system.  A link will be emailed to you a month prior to the performance.

When should I arrive at ALA?

Students should arrive dressed and ready to all tech and dress rehearsals. Specified time includes call time and stage time. It is crucial to arrive on time. We need every second of stage time to set lights and for spacing.

There is also a call time listed for the performances.  Call time is when the performers should arrive to prepare for the performance.  Adequate time for mental and physical preparation is key to a dancer’s success on stage.  Running into the theater last minute is stressful for everyone involved.

Where do I enter ALA?

Performers should check in at the front doors to the Junior High for rehearsals and performances.

Private rehearsals at ALA

All rehearsals are closed to audience members.  Only performers, teachers and technical staff are allowed backstage.