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Charis Dexter

Charis Dexter


Charis has performed ballet for over a decade on stages from Arizona to China, and danced professionally with Nevada Ballet Theatre in Las Vegas. This last Christmas, she danced with the Tabernacle Choir in their Christmas concert.

She holds a BA in dance from BYU emphasizing choreography and ballet performance. Since graduating she has been faculty at BYU and co-directed and choreographed an original ballet: Alice in Wonderland. During her training she had the opportunity to study with professionals at Ballet West, Central West Bank, Long Beach Ballet, Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, Ballet Etudes, University of Arizona, and San Francisco Conservatory of Dance. She has been teaching ballet since 2008, her students ranging from baby bun heads, to rugby players, to pre-professional collegiate artists.

I see dance as a unique language as well as a vehicle for connecting with others to communicate light and truth. I value dance for the practice of developing the spirit through the body. For me, this practice of 20 + years has simultaneously been the practice of many other gifts, and allowed me to know myself and strengthen my spirit.   Dance is intended as a gift, a joyful gift! The times when it has ceased to be a joy are the times when I look up and question what the highest use of this talent is. The answer continues to be inseparable with being a witness of Christ, and loving the people on the journey with me.