Dance acrobatic Summer CLASS SCHEDULE


dance acrobatic classes

Summer Dance Acrobatic Skills and Schedule

Any student seven and older may enroll in a Dance Acro class.  Placement in Acro is based on skill level and not age.  Below is a breakdown of the four different levels of Acro and the prerequisites needed to enroll.  We also have a list of what skills the students will be working on in each level.  It is not a comprehensive list, but gives a general idea of the major skills learned.  Acro only has a fee for the entire summer.  It will not have a weekly rate.   If classes do not have adequate enrollment, they will be canceled.  If sections fill, additional sections can be created with enough demand so enroll in the class and get on the waitlist.  Register on your account under the Salem Summer Dance Acro 2023 season.  

Cost: Fee is due on July 1.  

  • $60  for the summer for one class a week.  
  • $120 for the summer for two classes a week.  A student may enroll in more than one section of the same level.  

Level 1:  

No Prerequisite

Skills learned:  Cartwheels, Handstands, Bridges, forward and backward rolls


  • Level 1-Section 1 Mondays 11 am-12 pm Studio 5

Level 2:  


  • Cartwheel with straight legs and performed in a straight line
  • Bridge with straight legs and getting armpits over wrists from the floor
  • Kicking to a vertical handstand with straight legs 

Skills learned:  one-arm cartwheels, roundoff,  back bend and coming back up from standing,  handstand to bridge, dive rolls, shoulder rolls (fish flops), bridge kickover, headstands


  • Level 2-Section 1 Monday 10-11 am Studio 5
  • Level 2-Section 2 Monday 12:15-1:15 pm  Studio 5
  • Level 2-Section 3 Thursday 1:20-2:20 pm Studio 5

Level 3:


  • Going into a backbend from standing and coming back up
  • one-arm cartwheel, roundoff,  handstand to bridge 
  • Bridge into a kick over

Working on:  Back walkovers, front walkovers, aerial, more advanced variations of headstands, advanced balance postures from a handstand


  • Level 3-Section 1  Monday 1:15-2:15 pm Studio 5
  • Level 3 -Section 2 Wednesday 2:15-3:15 pm Studio 5
  • Level 4:


  • Back walkover
  • Front walkover
  • Aerial
  • Vertical handstand hold
  • Handstand walks

Working on:  Front handsprings, back handsprings, front aerial, and beyond


  • Level 4-Section 1 Wednesday 1:15-2:15 pm Studio 3





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