Musical Theatre audition letter, form, and monolgues 2021

Hi Parents and Students,

Musical Theatre Placement Auditions 2021-22

This year we would like to have a Placement Audition for all musical theater students who will be returning in the fall ages 9 and older.  Students will be placed according to vocal ability (pitch and projection), confidence in acting, level of experience and dance proficiency. This will help the teachers to work with the students on their specific needs to maximize their growth and success on the stage.  Students ages 6-8 do not need to come to a placement class but can just register for the class their age. 

Placement Auditions for Lifehouse’s 2021-22 Musical Theatre students will take place on Friday, July 16, 2021  

Students 12 yrs and older will audition from 5-6:30 pm. Auditions will be held in Studio 3 

Students 9-11 yrs or eight-year-old students who have had 2 or more years of musical theater will audition from 6:30-8:00 pm.  Auditions will be held in Studio 3. ____________________________________________________________________________ 

Dancing Auditions: Students will be taught a short musical theatre dance combination at the audition.  Dance/movement clothes should be worn.  No jeans or dresses, please.  

Singing/Acting Auditions: Students will need to come prepared with a 32 bar cut of a musical theatre song of their own choosing.  This is about 30 seconds to 1 minute in length. Students should bring a karaoke track of the music for their vocal audition.  Acapella singing (without music) or the use of a track with an existing vocal will not be allowed.  

Acting Auditions:  At the bottom of this email after the audition form is a selection of short monologues that students can choose one to prepare.  ____________________________________________________________________________ 

Auditioning:  Learning how to audition is an important skill for any performer.  Experience in auditioning increases the student’s confidence to know what to expect, and how to feel at ease during a situation that can cause anxiety, so that they can do their best and their nerves don’t interfere with putting their best foot forward.  An important part of student’s musical theatre education is learning how to audition!  These audition requirements are similar to those at other venues the students may audition for in the future.  Practice makes perfect!  

I look forward to seeing each of you! 


Nesha Woodhouse

Director-Lifehouse Performing Arts Academy

Musical Theatre Placement Audition Form 2021-22

 (Please print and bring to audition)


Name of Student:  ___________________________________________   Age:  ___________                                                                                                   

Grade:  _____  School:  ________________________________     Audition number:  _______

Parents name:  _______________________________________________________________                                                                                                                

E-mail: _____________________________________________ Phone number:  ___________                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Describe your prior musical theater experience (or attach resume): 


  • I understand that by signing this contract, I am committing myself to my Lifehouse Musical Theatre Company from August 16, 2021-June 16, 2022. 
  •  I am committed to being respectful, committed, supportive in and outside of the classroom while at the studio to my teachers, directors and fellow company members. 
  •  I will meet my deadlines for line and music memorization given to me by the director.  If I do not meet memorization deadlines, the part may be taken from me and given to another student.
  • I will attend all classes and rehearsals unless excused by the director.  All absences need to be communicated in advance except for illness.  Students who are ill will e-mail the studio so the director can be notified.
  •  I will not talk or socialize during rehearsals.  Disrespectful behavior is grounds for dismissal from class.  This is a company for students who know how to conduct themselves in a professional manner, will work hard and give their best effort.  Students will be put on probation for disrespectful behavior.

 Signed (student) ________________________________­_______________________________

 Signed (parent) _________________________________________________________________

Monologues for Musical Theatre auditions 


  1. Choose one of the monologues to perform at the audition.  Monologue does not need to be memorized but be familiar enough with it that acting and voice inflection can happen. 
  2. Students who were previously in Sondheim may do one of the monologues below or can bring a monologue of their choice.

Perfect Day Monologue: 

Wouldn’t it be great if every once in a while, we were guaranteed a perfect day? One amazingly perfect day. You know, when each piece fits together no matter how difficult the jigsaw puzzle of a day can be. The kind of day when from start to finish things just go that way. Your way. My day would be like this…When I am called on, I know the answer. And as a reward, no homework. When I go to lunch, who has all their favorites at their fingertips? (Points to self.) Me. It just gets better and better. Whose name does the coach actually get right? Who kicks a goal? Me. Whose mom is the first in the pick-up line?  (Mouths “mine.”) It is a perfect day. When we get home, we don’t have any other plans. That means the afternoon is mine. Truly mine. I can play video games or watch YouTube and it doesn’t matter. And then dinner comes around and whose Dad grilled out and whose sister baked a cake? After dinner Dad’s like (In Dad’s voice.) ‘Let’s go to the movies – you pick, kid.’ Me! I never get to pick. Today has already been ruined because when I got downstairs for breakfast, my little brother had eaten the last of my favorite cereal. Maybe my perfect day will happen tomorrow. Just one day every once in a while. Is that really too much to ask?  

Arrest Her Monologue:

You need to arrest her, officer. I mean this Goldilocks person, she walked right into our house like it was hers. She ate the porridge that Mama Bear made for us. She was soooooo hungry. She could have just eaten one bowl but noooo she had to find the perfect one, so she ate them all. And she didn’t even bring the dishes to the sink! Then she went to take a nap in our beds and she messed all three of them up. Sat in all the chairs and broke one and didn’t clean up. Who does this sort of thing?! I think she should have to pay a big fine. Actually, she probably doesn’t care about what she did. Fining her isn’t enough, I want her in jail so she can think about her behavior! Yes, ARREST GOLDILOCKS! ARREST HER!  

A Short Monologue:

Last night my world was shattered. I realized that my younger brother, Colin, is taller than me. He was like “Ha, ha. I’m taller than you, little hobbit.” Be quiet Colin! No one understands the daily struggles of being short. People use your head as an armrest, like ALL the time. I’m not an armrest, I’M A HUMAN BEING! People also assume you’re like five or six years younger than you are. . People always feel the need to point out how short you are. Like “Wow, you’re like three feet tall.” NO. I’M FIVE FOOT ONE QUARTER! Then they’re like “Oh, you can just wear taller shoes” which is great advice because I love wearing shoes that make my feet feel like they’re on fire. People also taunt you by holding things above your head or putting them on a high shelf. I really want to strangle each and every tall person but to do so I would NEED A STEPLADDER!!!!!!