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Kelsey Finlayson

Abby Martin

 Musical Theater

Abby’s love for musical theatre began when her mom rented the pro-shot of Cats the musical in 1998. Abby watched the incredible dancers, singers and actors every single day, teaching herself the choreography and putting on her own productions for her family in the living room. Abby has turned that spark into a lifelong passion, obsessing over all things theatre. Although very outgoing growing up, Abby was too nervous to move from the audience to the stage and perform in a musical herself. It wasn’t until her mom made her sign a contract on a napkin that said she could drop a class only if she promised to audition for her school’s musical.

Since then, Abby has been consumed by her love of performing and encouraging others to do the same. Some of her favorite roles include Maria in The Sound of Music and the Purser in Anything Goes. Abby hopes to inspire children to indulge in the joy of musical theatre the same way the VHS of Cats did for her. She also hopes to encourage young theatre lovers to embrace their individuality and love of performing without fear of what others may think.
Abby recently relocated from Charleston, South Carolina to Spanish Fork. Outside of the studio, Abby works as a marketer and a branding consultant. She enjoys movies, playing outside, Disney World, collecting Playbills, traveling with her in-laws, petting animals, and spending time with her sweet partner Dalyn.