Musical Theater

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Do you love to sing and act or have aspirations of being in musicals? This may be the class for you. Students are taught basics of singing technique, acting skills, and basic dance that they put into their very own year-end show. The purpose of this class is to help students learn to feel comfortable singing and acting on the stage and expressing themselves without inhibition. Solo and ensemble work are performed.

Allegro Musical Theater
(Open Ages 9-11)
Tuesday 5:30-6:30 Studio 7
Gershwin Musical Theater                        (By Audition Only) Tuesday 4:15-5:30 Studio 7
Presto Musical Theater                         (Open Ages 6-8) Tuesday 6:30-7:20 Studio 7
Rogers and Hammerstein
Musical Theater Class                                (By Audition Only)
Tuesday 7:20-8:35 Studio 7
Sondheim Musical Theater Class            (By Audition Only) Tuesday 3:00-4:15 Studio 7
Cresendo Musical Theater Class              (By Audition Only) Thursday 7:00-8:00 Studio 7

Class Attire: Wear comfortable clothes you can move and stretch in.

Yearly cost for musical theater classes

Minimum of 36 weekly classes plus performances including run-throughs, tech and dress rehearsals.

Tuition: (half tuition for August and June, full tuition September-May) $50.00 a month for one hour classes, $60.00 a month for hour and a half classes.

Annual Registration fee: $20 per student (due upon registration) maximum $50 per family


  • One Costume purchase: $40-$60 amount TBD for Musical Theatre Performance in June. ($60.00 nonrefundable costume deposit due upon enrollment. The deposit will go toward the total costume fee for the year. Remaining balance due April 1, 2019)
  • One costume rental fee: $30 for Spring Recital in February

Recital fee: (due January 31st)

  • The Lifehouse Spring Recital, “Opening Night” in February- $25 recital fee per family, tickets $6.00 each
  • The Lifehouse Musical Theatre Showcase in June – $25 recital fee per family, tickets $6.00 each

Performances for Musical Theater classes 2019-20

  • The Lifehouse Spectacular “Opening Night” for preschool, kindergarten, combo, hip hop and musical theater students with optional participation for company students. (Rehearsals February 24-25, Performances February 25-27, 2019 at the Covey Center for the Arts)
  • The Lifehouse Musical Theater Showcase for musical theater students. (Tech rehearsals June 10, dress rehearsal and performance June 11 at American Leadership Academy)