2020-21 Performances

We love to perform at Lifehouse! The studio produces several professional and entertaining performances each year. Our goal is to provide an experience that is educational and rewarding for the students as well as being entertaining and uplifting for the audience.

Lifehouse is excited to announce the performances for the 2020-21 season!

Salem Studio Performances:


Below are the shows we have scheduled for the upcoming year.  Please reserve the dates on your calendars immediately.

  • Lifehouse Spectacular “As Long As There’s Christmas”
    • December 16-19, American Leadership Academy
    • Musical Theater, Hip-hop, preschool, kindergarten, and combo students.
    • Optional Participation: open ballet, open jazz & company students 9 and older
  • Lifehouse Fireside “Soulful Creation”
    • January 7-9, Covey Center for the Arts
    • For Company Students
  • Lifehouse Ballet Production “A Tale from the Celtic Mists”
    • March 29-April 1, Covey Center for the Arts
    • For Company Students
  • Lifehouse Children’s Production “Discovery at the Circus” –The way it was meant to be done!!—Children will not do the same dance they performed this last June in our mini recitals.
    • June 5, American Leadership Academy
    • For preschool, kindergarten, combo, open ballet, open jazz and hip-hop students.
  • Lifehouse Musical Theater Production
    • June 7 & 8, American Leadership Academy
    • Musical Theater Students
  • Lifehouse Company Showcase
    • June 9-12, American Leadership Academy
    • Company Students

Herriman Studio Performances:

  • Lifehouse Fireside “Soulful Creation

January 7-9, Covey Center for the Arts

          For Company Students

  • Lifehouse Musical Theatre & Hip-hop Showcase

            January 29, In-studio Herriman Performance

            For musical theatre & hip-hop students

  • Lifehouse Ballet Production “Little Mermaid”

            February 23-25, Covey Center for the Arts

           For all ballet students

  • Lifehouse Showcase “Discovery at the Circus”

            June 21, Covey Center for the Arts

           For all preschool, kindergarten, combo, open ballet and jazz classes, hip hop, and musical theater students with optional participation by company students who may audition for lead rolls.

  • Company Showcase!

            June 22, Covey Center for the Arts

           For all company students who will perform a ballet, jazz and tap                 number plus a Grand Finale!