Hip Hop

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This very popular street style of dance works on the isolations of the body, rhythm, symmetry and floor/aerial stunts. If you enjoy getting down with the beat, you’ll enjoy this class. These are great classes for boys and girls alike. We have some amazing and fun things planned for this year that you won’t want to miss if you enjoy this dance style.

Hip Hop Class Schedule:

Hip Hop ages 7-10 Wednesday 6:05-7:05 Studio B


Athletic clothing that is easy to move and stretch in, clean athletic shoes.

Yearly cost for hip hop classes

Minimum of 36 weekly classes plus performances including run throughs, tech and dress rehearsals.

Tuition: (half tuition for August and ¼ tuition for June, full tuition September-May)

One hour class per week $50 a month

Annual Registration fee:

$20 per student (due upon registration) maximum $50 per family


$60-$80 fee includes one rented costume and one purchased costume

($60 nonrefundable costume deposit due upon enrollment, balance due April 1)

Recital fee: (due January 31)

The Nutcracker Ballet- $25 recital fee per family, tickets $6.00 each

The Lifehouse Saratoga-Spring Recital, “Opening Night”– $25 recital fee per family, tickets $6.00 each

Performances for Hip Hop Classes 2019-20

The Nutcracker Ballet- TBD All students will perform in this production.

The Lifehouse Saratoga- Spring Recital “Opening Night” for All Saratoga students. June 1 and 2 at the Covey Center for the Arts.