Preschool Pre-Ballet/Creative

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Why invest in a strong early childhood dance education for your child?

These once a week classes are for students just beginning their journey in the art of dance. Three-year-old classes are 50 minutes in length; four-year-old classes are one hour.

Classes are structured the same as a traditional ballet class with a warm-up, center barre, and across the floor activities. Throughout the class, children explore monthly objectives such as music, movement concepts, class etiquette, and they participate in a free dance activity at the end of each class. The curriculum for this age group focuses on building muscle strength, coordination, rhythm, musicality, body awareness, class etiquette and self-expression.

The age cut off for classes is October 1, 2020. For example, if your child will be turning four on September 15, 2020, they should register for the four-year-old class.


Girls: Pink footless tights, black or pink leotard. Hair in a ponytail or bun.

We have a store at the studio where dance supplies are available for purchase.

Boys: Shorts with a T-shirt tucked in.

Schedule of Classes:
Preschool 3A Tuesday 10:30-11:20 am Studio 1
Preschool 3B Wednesday 10:15-11:05 am Studio 1
Preschool 4A Tuesday 11:20-12:20 pm Studio 1
Preschool 4B Wednesday 11:05-12:05 pm Studio 1


Lifehouse Ballet Production “Little Mermaid”

February 23-25, 2021 Covey Center for the Arts

Lifehouse Spectacular “Discovery at the Circus”

June 20, 2021 Covey Center for the Arts


Includes a minimum of 36 weeks of classes, all rehearsals & performances.


3 year-old-classes   $40 a month

4 year-old-classes   $50 a month

Full tuition for September-May, ¾ tuition for June

Annual Registration Fee: $20 per student

Due upon enrollment. Maximum $50 fee per family

Costume Fee: $60 fee includes two rented costumes

Due upon enrollment.

Recital Fee: Due February 1

Lifehouse Ballet Production “Little Mermaid”

$25 recital fee per family, tickets $6 each

Lifehouse Spectacular “Discovery at the Circus”

$25 recital fee per family, tickets $6 each