6-8 Year Old Combo Classes

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Why invest in a strong early childhood dance education for your child

In this weekly, hour and a half class, students will develop a strong supporting leg, start to use rotation, learn proper alignment, and learn more advanced rhythmic coordination work.

The one hour ballet portion of class consists of a warm-up, center barre work, center combinations, across the floor and ends with a creative movement activity and reverence (ballet bow/curtsy). During the half-hour tap portion, students will learn a large vocabulary of steps, and begin putting combinations of steps together with correct technical execution and rhythm mastery.

Uniform: Pink tights with feet, leotard. Hair in a ponytail or bun. Pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes.

We have a store at the studio where dance supplies are available for purchase.

Combo Class Schedule

6 Year Old Combo Class Wednesday 4:00-5:30 pm Studio 1
7-8 year old Combo Class
(open enrollment)
Wednesday 5:30-7:00 pm Studio 1


Lifehouse Ballet Production “Little Mermaid”

February 23-25, 2021 Covey Center for the Arts

For open combo class students

Lifehouse Spectacular “Discovery at the Circus”

June 20, 2021 Covey Center for the Arts

For open combo class students 


Includes a minimum of 36 weeks of classes, all rehearsals & performances.


1.5 hour class          $60 per month

Full tuition for September-May, ¾ tuition for June

Annual Registration Fee: $20 per student

Due upon enrollment. Maximum $50 per family.

Costume Fee: $60 fee includes two rented costumes

Due upon enrollment.

Recital Fee: Due February 1

Lifehouse Ballet Production “Little Mermaid”

$25 recital fee per family, tickets $6 each

Lifehouse Spectacular “Discovery at the Circus”

$25 recital fee per family, tickets $6 each