Herriman Location Classes

If you have a desire to dance, there’s a place for you at Lifehouse! Classes are divided into open and company classes. Open classes are for anyone. Company classes are on an accelerated curriculum and are for those students who are more serious about dance. Fall classes begin the first week of September.

Fall Schedule: Classes without adequate enrollment may be subject to changes or cancellation.

Summer 2020 Schedule

Interested in more than one class at Lifehouse? The more classes you take the better the value! Tuition is based on a monthly fee and not a per class basis. Payment is the same no matter how many times your child attends class. If class has to be canceled due to bad weather or teacher illness, you will be notified and a makeup class scheduled. I ask that you only sign up for dance if you are committed to finish through the June recital. I believe in finishing what you start. A dancer must participate in the performances to receive the full benefit and reward of their dancing training. A student’s lack of commitment and follow through affects their entire class and inhibits the teacher’s ability to help their classes have a successful experience on the stage. If you are unable to finish the dance year through June, you must give written notification. For open classes, you will be responsible for tuition 30 days after the studio receives your written notification of withdrawal. For company students, you will be responsible for two months of tuition after the studio receives your written notification and your student stops attending class. Remember, costume and registration fees are non-refundable.

Price of monthly tuition based on hours at the studio per week:

  • 50 minutes $40
  • 1 hour $50
  • 1 hours and 15 $55
  • 1 hour and half $60
  • 2 hours $80
  • 2 ½ hours $95
  • 3 hours $110
  • 4 hours $135
  • 5 hours $155
  • 6 hours $170
  • 7 hours $185
  • 8 hours $195
  • 9 hours $205
  • 10 hours $215
  • 11 hours $225
  • 12 hours $235
  • Unlimited $255

Family discount for multiple students: Your first child 5% discount on tuition. A 10% discount will be given to any additional family members. The 10% tuition discount will be applied to the lowest tuition amounts. The program automatically applies the discount. However, because the program views open classes and company classes as two separate seasons, multiple family discounts for families with open and company students will have to be manually applied. Please email the studio if your tuition needs to be manually adjusted.