Musical Theater Company Auditions 2016

Auditions for Lifehouse’s 2016-17 Musical Theater Company will take place on August 1st, 2016 in Studio 4. Students 12 and older are invited to audition. Auditions will be held from 4:00-5:30.. Students should wear something nice, clean, and professional for the singing audition and something they feel comfortable moving in for the dance audition. Dress and appearance are a reflection on how well prepared the student is and how seriously they intend to take their experience as a musical theatre company member.

Singing/Acting Auditions: Singing/Acting auditions will be held from 4:00-5:00.

Students will audition one at a time, but will need to plan on being there for the full hour. Students will need to come prepared with a 16 bar cut of a musical theatre song of their own choosing. Students will either need to provide their own accompanist or bring a karaoke track. A piano will be available for use. There will be no separate “acting” audition, so students need to be well prepared with their song choice so they can confidently perform and make acting choices within their 16 bar cut.

Dancing Auditions: A dance audition will be held from 5:00-5:30. Students will be taught a short musical theatre dance combination at the audition.
Learning how to audition is an important skill for any performer. Experience in auditioning increases the student’s confidence to know what to expect and how to feel at ease during a situation that can cause anxiety so that they can do their best and their nerves don’t interfere with putting their best foot forward. An important part of student’s musical theatre education is learning how to audition! These audition requirements are similar to those at other venues the students may audition for in the future. Practice makes perfect!

Company Requirement: Being a member of the Lifehouse Musical Theater Company is an honor and a big responsibility. The company class is given more performance opportunities, but these wonderful performance experiences come with an expectation of increased rehearsal time as well as preparation time outside of class. A huge focus of the company class is on solo performance. Those selected as company members will be expected to work one on one, often in front of other class members. This is not intended to be intimidating or scary. A safe and positive environment is something Lifehouse values. However, all those who audition should consider this in auditioning. Students will be required to sign a contract this year for Musical Theater. Please read the contract carefully. Both a parent and the student should sign the contract and bring it to the audition.

Brittany Sanders

Lifehouse Musical Theater Director

Musical Theater Company Audition Form 2016