Little Leapers



Why invest in a strong early childhood dance education for your child?

Each toddler, ages 18 months to 3 years, and their loved one will dance on five different journeys throughout the program.

Whether flying in outer space, going to the circus, playing in the park, dancing like the animals in the zoo, or growing a magical garden, each child will be captivated.  Grown-ups will be amazed at how useful each lesson is to their child’s development and love every second of class as they share many smiles and giggles with their little one. 


Girls: pink footless tights & black or pink leotard.

We have a store at the studio where dance supplies are available for purchase.

Boys: shorts with a t-shirt tucked in. 

Adult loved one: comfortable clothing & shoeless feet


Little Leapers Wednesday 9:30-10:15 Studio 1

In-studio Performance

The season will culminate with an in-studio demonstration for family and friends.


50 minute weekly class                $40.00 a month

Half tuition for September & May, full tuition for October-April