Company Audition 2016

Company 2016-17 Placement Auditions for Lifehouse Dance Companies

In conjunction with our summer classes, we will hold an official placement audition for fall. Learning how to audition is an important skill for a dancer. Experience in auditioning increases the student’s confidence to know what to expect and how to feel at ease during a situation that can cause anxiety so that they can do their best and their nerves don’t interfere with putting their best foot forward. Students are learning combinations/concepts in class this summer that will be used at the audition. Auditions will take place on August 1st, 2016 in Studio 3. An audition form/questionnaire is attached to this e-mail. Auditions will take place at the times listed below. Students should come to the audition time based on their age and summer placement. Students should come in ballet attire–pink tights, a solid colored leotard and ballet shoes. Students on pointe should bring their pointe shoes. For the jazz portion of the audition students may bring dance shorts to wear over their leotard. We are doing a separate tap audition this year so please bring your tap shoes as well. Auditions are closed to observers. Parents should drop off their students or wait in the breakroom/lobby area. If you will be gone for the audition, please fill out the attached form and bring it to the studio office before July 31st. Both a parent and the student must sign the form. It is a binding contract for the year. Please read carefully.

Parent Meeting

This year a mandatory parent meeting will be held on two different dates for all students wishing to be in company for the 2016-17 season. Students may attend with one parent. It will help us all get on the same page for the year. I promise it will be informative and helpful. Please attend one of the following. Roll will be taken.

  • July 28th 7 pm
  • August 2nd 7 pm

The meetings will take place in Studio 3. I have about 50 chairs, but some people may need to sit on the ground. This will be the only parent meeting required all year. We will go over the performance dates for the year, the culture of Lifehouse that we hope will extend to the parents, the expectation of company members and the process of class placement. We appreciate your attendance!


Company students are required to sign a one year contract. They must commit to their company from August 17th-June 14th. A student quitting mid-year causes consequences for the entire group of students and the teachers. It affects the quality of the performances and disrupts the cohesiveness of the group. The only acceptable reasons for getting out of your company contract are 1. A serious injury that will require months of rehabilitation and rest 2. An unexpected move out of the area. Parents and students should discuss this together to make sure that both are committed for the entire year. Students who drop out before June 14th, will be required to pay two months of tuition after they stop coming to class.

Audition Schedule for Ballet and Jazz in Studio 3
*Please come 30 minutes prior to your start time to check in and warm up.

9:00-10:30 am Ages 12-18 (students taking class this summer with turquoise, silver, green, magenta or red)
10:30 am-12:00 pm Ages 11-18 (orange, blue, gold, sage) Ages 10-11
12:30-2:00 Ages 10-11
2:00-3:30 Ages 8-9
3:30-4:30 Ages 6-7

Audition Schedule for tap company’s and placement (everyone should audition!) in Studio 1

10:30-11:30 Ages 12-18 (students taking class this summer with turquoise, silver, green, magenta or red)
12:00-1:00 Ages 11-18 (orange, blue, gold, sage) Ages 10-11
2:00-3:00 Ages 10-11
3:30-4:15 Ages 8-9
4:30-5:15 Ages 6-7

Company Class Placement

One of the principles of Lifehouse is that if someone has a desire to participate in dance, there is a place for them at the studio to receive high quality training and successful performance experiences. Dance can be enjoyed and a positive influence in your life at a wide variety of commitment levels. The dancer who comes to Lifehouse for an hour a week is just as valuable to the studio and their training for that hour is just as important as the student who comes 12 hours a week. Everyone comes to the studio with different desires for what they hope to gain out of their dance training. The process of class placement will be discussed at the parent’s meeting. A document will be handed out to parents at that time.

There are many exciting plans underway for the 2016-17 dance companies at Lifehouse. We hope you you will join us! Please feel free to call or e-mail any questions.

Best Regards,

Nesha Woodhouse, Artistic Director, Lifehouse Performing Arts Academy

Nesha Woodhouse

*Please fill out audition form below and bring to the audition.