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Provide solid technical instruction in the performing arts in an environment that teaches the love of others, the gift of the human body, the beauty of the human spirit, the value of hard work and a desire to use talents to bless the lives of others.

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June 2

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  • Opening Night: Lifehouse Performing Arts Academy- Salem

      Join us for “Opening Night”…the story of a cast on their opening night on Broadway preparing for their grand debut! Relax, and enjoy as they reminisce on their lives in show business, and just how they came to be together in this moment. Filled with charismatic dance numbers, great Learn More

  • Life’s Journey: Lifehouse Performing Arts Academy Saratoga

    Join us as our Saratoga Musical Theater and Hip Hop students share a story of learning and adventure.  Four children find a journal of their Grandmother. They learn more about her life, and what it means to grow up! Grab your tickets for this fun production here:  https://www.provo.org/Home/Components/Calendar/Event/50427/1003 Learn More